Launch of Laybrook

Drumroll…. We have officially launched! Laybrook has been a dream for a while and after 18 months of hard work we are finally ready to share the finished product with you. Embodying timeless style, quality materials and practicality, Laybrook bags are designed for Mums by a Mum.

Laybrook | Luxury bags for mums

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Laybrook’ is the name of my grandparents house in Sussex, England. The place where I spent many a Christmas holiday as a child. To me, it echoes the style of my grandmother – a formidable woman with impeccable taste who always chose quality over quantity. A classic trench, headscarf and leather handbag were her daily essentials.

Laybrook came about after the birth of my first child Lucinda. Navigating the shopping isles as a new Mum with a pram, I was continually ducking under my pram and rifling through my nappy bag for my keys, wallet or phone. I needed these essentials on hand and so hunted around for a smaller bag that would attach to the handlebar of my pram. To my disappointment every pram ‘organiser’ was either plastic, brightly coloured or had a childish baby print plastered over it. I knew what I wanted – something classic, stylish and practical that could effortlessly sit on my pram or look just as good under my arm on a child-free night out.

The philosophy of Laybrook is more than just a bag – it reminds women that you don’t have to be completely engulfed by your children the moment you become a mother. We wear so many names – Mum, friend, wife, daughter, woman. Maintaining your own personal style without drowning under kiddie paraphernalia is just one way of not losing touch with your former self.

I hope you enjoy your Laybrook bag much as I have enjoyed creating it. Be sure to be on our mailing list for monthly newsletters packed with style tips, reviews and gossip all aimed at the Laybrook Mum.

I would love to see pictures of fabulous Mums with their Laybrook bags so to celebrate our launch simply tag @laybrook in your Instagram and Facebook shots for your chance to win a free Laybrook bag (so you can get the other colour!) – we will give away one every month!

Til next month,

Clare x

Founder of Laybrook, wine and French lover, and Mum to Lulu and Charlie

Jessica Murko